Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Favorites

1. heart doormat // 2. heart sunglasses // 3. pink jacquard dress // 4. hello t-shirt // 5. heart print tights // 6. 'smitten' lip stain // 7. heart shaped pizza // 8. valentine donuts // 9. hammered gold x-ring // 10. 5x7" top knot print

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day and all the pressure it brings to create the perfect date night. I am however a huge fan of pink, red, and all things cute so I thought I'd share some of my current favorites with all of you.

  1. This heart doormat from Target made it's appearance on my doorstep this week, but it'll be sticking around all year!
  2. I'm not ashamed to admit I wear heart shaped sunglasses most of the year, though I reserve this red pair exclusively for the month of February.
  3. I'll be celebrating Galentine's Day with some girlfriends this year, wearing the pretty little pink dress from Chicwish above.
  4. I mentioned this in my graphic tee post, but I am loving this heart tee from Hello Apparel!
  5. I'll be pairing that pink dress with these adorable heart tights, because if I can't cover myself in hearts this week, when can I???
  6. This Revlon Lipstain in "Smitten" is my new everyday lipcolor...it's the perfect shade of berry and it's non-drying!
  7. My bf has been out of the country for work all month, so my date for Valentine's Day this year will be an evening of Netflix and a heart shaped pizza. #dontjudgeme
  8. If I decide to get really crazy I'll finish the night with a couple of pink sprinkled donuts because we all know that #caloriesdontcountonvalentinesday
  9. X-rings (is that even what they're called?) have been everywhere lately and I'd been looking for a delicate gold version for awhile now and I found the perfect one on Etsy!
  10. I absolutely love the top knot series by Elizabeth Mayville, and I ordered this red striped version for my bookshelf! Remind you of anyone? ;)

My pizza and I wish you all a very lovely Valentine's/Galentine's Day!


P.S. If you're looking for an easy Valentine's Day project to make, check out my DIY heart elbow sweater tutorial (one of my first posts ever)!


  1. How cute is this post?? LOVE that adorable door mat!! And that heart tee would be perfect with ripped denim. Oh, and I'll take those donuts please!!


    1. Thanks Kate...no one can resist sprinkled donuts!

  2. I love your picks. All of the items are really cute but I really love those heart shaped shades!

  3. I could totally see you wearing that pink dress, so adorbs!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

    1. Thanks Alyson...I'm wearing it for Galentine's Day!

  4. i've been looking for those x rings too.

  5. I love your picks. All of the items are really cute but I really love those heart shaped shades
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