Monday, December 22, 2014

grey tweed.

jacket: J. Crew via eBay (similar, similar, similar) // cardigan: H&M // cami: Forever 21 // pants: Banana Republic
wedges: J. Crew Factory // earrings: kate spade (identical) // watch: Michael Kors

Well we're closing in on the end of December and it's still barely cold enough for a blazer and scarf here in the Bay Area. In fact, by mid-afternoon it's a little too warm for either. I think it's safe to say I'm more than a little jealous of all you ladies who are able to take beautiful blog photos in the snow, all bundled up in your colorful wool coats and boots!

One day, friends. One day.

Hope you're all having a great Monday is my last day in the office and I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of the week at home celebrating the holidays. Hope you're all able to do the same!

scarf: World Market // outfit detailed above



  1. i like the jacket and the scarf! super cute.

    1. Thanks...go to Cost Plus, the scarves are only $5!!!

  2. I love the length of those pants on you; ankle length is feminine in a subtle throwback way, but the style is streamlined and modern.


  3. Love this outfit!

  4. Yep, here in California there's no need to bundle up unless you want to be hot! Love your scarf.
    :] // ▲ ▲