Wednesday, March 5, 2014

diy: dry shampoo for dark hair

Dry shampoo is something I discovered within past year and it's been a life saver! Not only does washing your every few days save time, but it's also less drying for your hair, and you're saving your hair from the trauma of heat styling every single day. The biggest bonus for me though is getting to sleep in a little longer :)

I've tried a couple of different brands of dry shampoo, and while they work fine they also leave a not-so-cute powdery sheen on my dark brown hair. So while my hair is oil-free, it's also grey. Not cute.

When I mentioned this problem to a co-worker of mine, she suggested making my own, and adding cocoa powder to the recipe to help blend into the color of my hair. Genius!

After a quick Google search I found that the ingredients for dry shampoo were already in my kitchen:

  • corn starch
  • cocoa powder 

Seriously, that's it! I mixed together three tablespoons of each into a small bowl and carefully poured the mixture into a clean glass shaker (Target, $2.99). I added a label, and voila, DONE!

To use, simply sprinkle the dry shampoo mixture onto your roots (I generally focus on my hairline and part). Gently rub the powder into your hair, then brush out, and finish off with a quick blast from your blow dryer and style as normal.

There you go, super simple! Have any of you tried a diy dry shampoo? Leave your comments below!



  1. Amazing! So smart!


  2. I LOVE dry shampoo, it is my secret weapon when feeling lazy :) Although I have light hair and baby powder is my go-to, I love that you were able to make your own. Perfect!

    xo Kendall