Monday, August 5, 2013

diy: work-out tank top

Happy Monday!

So if you're ever on Pinterest I'm sure you've seen the DIY workout tank tops, and I thought I'd give it a shot myself over the weekend. I have so many race t-shirts that just don't fit the way I'd like (ie they're HUGE) and thought this might be a great way to get some use out of them. For this example, I decided to use a cute t-shirt I got in the kids department at Old Navy :)

This is a super easy DIY project...all you really need is a t-shirt, pencil, and a sharp pair of scissors!

First off, lay your shirt out on a flat surface and lightly draw a curved line where you'd like to cut the sleeves off your shirt. You can use an existing racer back tank as a pattern if you like, but I just decided to go for it!

Next, cut off both arms from the t-shirt, trying your best to make sure both sides are even.

You'll want to cut off the neck of the t-shirt next...and be sure to make the front lower than the back.

The next thing I did was cut off the bottom hem of the shirt (save this piece!)...then turn the shirt sideways to cut a small amount off the front of the shirt (see photo below). This will make the tank top fit better once you're done!

Taking the hem of the t-shirt that you saved, cut off about 8 inches, and tie this around the back of the tank, creating the "racer back" look. Make sure you tie a really tight knot...or you could sew a nice seam, but really, this is supposed to be easy! :)

Once you've tied your tight knot, trim off the ends and turn it around so you have a clean band of fabric (see photo above).

Try on your new racer back work out tank top and you're done!  What a great way to make use out of all those old t-shirts you have lying around :)


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