Thursday, May 23, 2013

summer dresses under $30

1. Xhilaration Strapless Challis Dress $24.99  |  2. Xhilaration Strapless Fit & Flare Dress $24.99  |  3. Xhilaration Strapless Challis Dress $24.99  |  4. Mossimo Bustier Sweetheart Dress $24.99   |  5. Xhilaration Strapless Fit & Flare Dress $24.99  |  6. Xhilaration Peter Pan Collar Dress $24.99  |  7. Merona Sleeveless Ruffle Dress $27.99  |  8. Mossimo Zipper Fit & Flare Dress $27.99  |  9. Mossimo Short Ruffle Dress $24.99

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I put myself on a shopping ban for the month of May. That means no dresses, no jewelry, no shoes, etc. Yes, it's been kind of tough, though I've done really good so far (except for that one necklace I got in Albuquerque, but vacations don't count!, right!?!?!).

However, just because I can't shop doesn't mean that I can't look! What better place to look than my favorite budget friendly store, Target! Here are nine affordable dresses you can wear all summer long. The best part...each one is under $30!



  1. Nooo...vacation's don't count. Right? Anyways, I love dress #8

  2. I saw that polka dot target dress (#5) and I thought it was soo cute! came so close to getting it!