Friday, May 10, 2013

friday finds.

[my shameless selfie showcasing my eyeglasses necklace (similar)...and yes I matched my nail polish to my blouse!]

Since I've started this blog I've noticed myself shopping more often...okay, a lot more often. I find myself buying things I don't really need, and things I won't even really wear that often, or longer than one season.

Solution: I'm putting myself on a self imposed shopping ban for the rest of May. That's lunch time trips to Target just to "browse," and no more stops at Forever 21 where I always seem to find something I "need."

So these recent purchases I've featured this week are the last you'll see from me for awhile. Until then, it's all about mixing and matching, and re-using what I already have in my closets to create new looks!

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!

[Nick and I a couple of weekends ago up in the Sierras]

[our low key Cinco de Mayo celebration at our favorite Mexican restaurant last weekend]

[another one of my new bubble necklaces from Etsy...I've been wearing them non-stop!]



  1. Funny 'cause I've actually been better since starting my blog. I've been buying only things that I know I will wear!

    1. My problem is there are wayyyy too many good place to shop out here! I bought absolutely nothing this weekend though! :)

  2. Cute, cute, cute. Love your eyeglasses necklace.

  3. This both necklaces are perfect!